Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015: The Year of Prayer, Week 20

Didn’t you know that I had to be concerning myself with my Father’s affairs? (Luke 2:49b, CJB)

This week I was preparing and being prepared.  Something big is coming and we are getting ready to receive it.  Hope and Healing have taken flight and will be landing at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 27th in the Upper Room at Chapelwood when the next Release service begins.

I understand that is a brash statement, but I can't help it.  Whatever happens, it will be big - to us, to the people in attendance, to those who hear about it.  It will be big not because we've spent a month planning it (verses a week and even less a few times).  It will be big because the Lord has business to attend to.  He is coming for His broken, captive, wounded, hurting people.  He is coming for the ill, the maimed, the diseased - of heart, mind, soul, spirit and body.  He is coming and we are waiting on Him.

Some of the prep activities are practical: meetings, laying out the music, the Scripture and who is involved, as well as working out the form (yes, there is a form to it for those of you who have been, but we try very hard to not let that get in the way, so Holy Spirit can do what only He can do.)  We are making sure everyone is in prayer about it. 

All very practical stuff.

Yet, there is the other, internal stuff going on.  January kicked off a season of intense growth and it keeps rolling.  I'm literally learning something new every day - whether it is in reading the Bible or other books; praying and living life with people; or just being with my family.  

He is teaching me what it means to be open, to be vulnerable to Him and be about His business, instead of always just my own.

That's a been a meaningful verse for 4-5 years.  I realize in context it is Jesus' words about Himself and the precept He lived His life by, but as His disciple, it demonstrates what my focus should be too.  I'm becoming more aware of how that applies to my life.  The key to it is not the word "business" - not the stuff of doing for the Kingdom of God.  It is the relationship to the Lord, which I have been reminded of several times in prayer over the last 2 weeks.  The impact of God being My Father is enormous and overloads my mental circuits every time I ponder it. 

I have a great Dad - I've written about him before. But my Father is in Heaven.  I need a constant reset of that on a regular basis, especially with big, fun, exciting things on the horizon.  I started a new habit yesterday, really picked back up on an old one.  One of my favorite things to do is to listen to music while I walk and run (notice I did not put run first, I don't necessarily enjoy that....swimming, yes.  Running, not all that much).

The music makes it fun because all of it is worship.  As my body is engaged, my mind and spirit can soar.  I can praise, pray and just be with the Lord, as we circle the blocks and work Pepper, our dog, out too.  It is something I got twisted and had to take a break from at the end of last year.  It is time to pick it back up again and I remember now why I started running in the first place...

It certainly has health benefits (still fighting 10 lbs of baby weight, at 40, who would have thought I'd ever say that?)  More than that, it is an opportunity to be free, to dream unencumbered, in the early morning.  I can envision what God has for me and my family and explore His Father's heart as take strides together. 

My DNA is His.  I am a shepherd and prophet because I'm following in His footsteps.  I'm leading people to greener pastures because that is where He longs for us to be and He is showing me the path on which to take them.  The Lord wants His people whole, happy, blessed, joyous.  Jesus' Mission Statement from Isaiah 61:1-10 (just read all of Isaiah 61 and 62, it's incredible), proves it.  He and the Father are one and They want us FREE!

He is teaching me (and many others around me) how to help folks understand this eternal fact and go to and with Him themselves.  He sets the boundaries of our understanding, not the other way around.  Logic is good but it will only take you so far when you are dealing with the One who Created logic.  So, as He chooses to push my boundaries (and sometimes my buttons), this time with Him helps me walk in a manner worthy of Him....which is gratefully.

This week has been about seeing and knowing the beauty of the vulnerability of us to the Father but even more than that, the vulnerability of the Father to us....It is a mysterious, glorious reality.

I'm continuing to learn, listen to and operate in obedience and God-given authority, with the instruction I am given.  I don't get it right all the time.  I mess up the timing and the message.  Still, His grace and His love cover those foul ups. Being about my Father's business is the best place to be.

One of the songs that came on while I was typing this (I'm still listening to my running playlist) was a song from Francesca Battestelli - "He knows My Name."  In it, she calls out who she is in the Lord and it is true for all of us:
Child of the King.
His Forever.
Held and Treasured.
I am Loved.

Maybe this week was hard for you.  Lean into the Father's arms for a little bit.  I hope your Saturday schedule gives you some time to do that.  Mine won't but that's why I get up so darn early.  ;)

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to wait till tomorrow and Wednesday, when I get to be with my faith family in the Presence of Our Savior and watch Him before miracles.  It's a little bit like waiting to go on vacation, I just can not wait!

Considering joining us Wednesday night and let me know if you would like more details.  I will have a wonderful report next week.  We are going deeper than our feet could ever wander, where our faith will be made stronger....Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders and I'm only about Your business.

(When in doubt....Oceans.)

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