Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Surrender Prayer - In Case You Need It

A friend of mine, who only 6 or so weeks ago, was delivered in our Wednesday night "after party" prayer meeting from 28 years of bitterness into fullness of the Spirit, gave me some good advice on Wednesday night.  She asked me if I write down my prayers.  Not typically, I told her.  She encouraged me to start and that thought stuck with me.  As I was praying on Friday morning, I felt led to write down just what I was praying.  I was surrendering my day to the Lord - my time, effort and energy.  I hadn't done that for a few days, as I've been off my "regular" routine since school let out. 

This prayer was the result and I'm surprised at the ground it covers.  (That's how I know the Spirit was the One doing the talking.  I'm not this detailed, friends!)  As Natalie would say, it's a long prayer.  (I'm not sure I really pray anything but long prayers in her mind.)  Whether you pray this prayer, parts of it or come up with your own, whether the prayers are long or short, doesn't matter.  Praying is the main thing.

I do like to visualize my prayers this way: as if I'm putting a gift box with a need or a name in it, directly into the Lord's hands; for Him to open and He always does, delighted to receive them.  I like to think truly humble prayers make God feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Any way you slice it, I hope this prayer blesses you, as the process of creating it and this post has me!  And I hope it moves you closer to the heart of God.

Oh Great and Mighty King, You reign and rule over all - missing nothing.  You see and You hear.  You respond.  Not just for Your people but especially for Your people, Your children.  Your great desire is that all men be saved, not that they perish.  Condemnation is not part of Your personality.  Goodness, mercy, grace and love are the currencies You deal in; and You do not give us what our sins deserve.  When we call to You, You redeemed, restore, remove, revoke and release.

Forgive me, forgive Your people - especially those who have chosen You.  We are faulty and defective - not 100% surrendered, submitted and wholly given over to Your Spirit's rule.  We travel paths not laid by You, still pursuing the crooked way over the straight and narrow.  We lean heavily into our 5 senses - even too far into our own spiritual understanding and experience.  We think we know much and what we do know - we over think.  We act before seeking You, if we seek You in the first place.  Forgive me - forgive us - Oh Gentle Father!  Abba - help because without You we are surely lost and in the dark.

But the new DNA of faith You have given rises up in me to say - I AM FORGIVEN.  I AM REDEEMED.  I AM IMPERFECT BUT YOUR PERFECTION GROWS IN ME.

Your righteousness is what I seek.  I come before You again to be reset to the rhythm of Your song - to clear out the noise of the beat of my own drum.  You are loving and kind - long suffering and the author of truth.  Your love endures forever!  Pour out Your love on me right now - I invite and open the door of my heart - welcoming in Your Presence and all that comes with it: Your character; wisdom and knowledge; Your gifts, plans and purposes.  Let Your kingdom advance in my heart, mind, soul strength and circumstances today.  

I submit no longer to the guilt, shame, fear, pride, anger, despair and insecurity of what I have done or not done.  I renounce my claim on what has been down or should have been done to me or for me.  I forgive all that has not been done for me.  I ask for the covering of Your blood, to seal me secure in the armor of Your: salvation, truth, peace, joy, righteousness, faith and Word.

As I sit in Your Presence - I believe I also sit with You in heaven.  My place is above and not below.  It is not in the middle or unstable.  I sit secure, firm and higher than the effect, institutions, principalities and kingdoms of myself or this world.  I submit to only One right now - You, my Lord, my God and my Savior.

All I am - all I have been - all I will be is Yours, however much or little that amounts to and I decide right now - what it looks like to me or to others doesn't matter. What matters is what YOu have, are and will do with me and my life.  You desire wholeness, fullness, abundance.  You don't want to mess around when it comes to Your children.  You see the condition I am in now - parts reflect Your glory but not every part - still, You take me as I am and change me for the better.

I humbly and boldly ask You, Holy Spirit:
where I have sinned, forgive;
where I am broken, mend;
where I am sick, heal;
where I am in doubt, fill with faith;
where I lack understanding, teach;
where I hurt, comfort;
where relationships are strained, ease;
where I am lacking, provide;
where I am lazy, inflame me with passion;
where I am weak, strengthen;
where I can't find time, make it;
where things don't connect with Your truth, reveal;
where there is a thought pattern or habit that holds me back, make it right;
where I judge others, fill with mercy;
where I grieve and mourn, weep with me;
where I am behind, move me ahead;
where I am small, be big;
where I lack trust, pour on Your grace;

Lord, I don't want to stop or end there.  These are all things I need but I want to give back to You.  I praise You for all You are, calling out Your names in the faith I have, the faith You have given me.  I exalt the work of Your Hands because it brings You glory.

Where things are good, I lift my thanks to Your Holy Throne;
where You have answered my prayer, I am full of gratitude to Your Hand;
where there is righteousness in my life, my heart soars to You;
where there is fellowship, I praise Your Presence;
where there is creativity, I acknowledge Your work;
where there is healing, I see Your favor rests;
where there is goodness, I recognize it as a gift from You;
where there is prayer, worship, study, giving, service and witness - it is a response to Your love for me.

I give all of this to You, Lord.  It's my sacrifice, privilege and opportunity to go deeper with You.  There is no lack in You - every promise is Yes - so I say, "It is so (Amen)." I can do all things through Christ but only in Christ.  Thank You, Lord for this time with You.  Thank You for another chance to know You, be known by You.  Thank You for the renewal of the right spirit - Your Spirit - within me.  Thank You that I am a part of Your broken but redeemed people - and that's what You prefer: all of Your children moving every day into more wholeness by the power of Your Spirit; to advance Your works - even greater works - to move the reality of Your Kingdom forward.  

Jesus - You Rule and Reign.  Holy Spirit - You have command and control of me and my life.  Show me the evidence of Your overflow and grant me new understanding of Your truth.  I give it all back to You - always for Your glory.

--------------------------------In Jesus' Matchless Name, Amen.

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