Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crazy ride of life

So, no sooner than I published the last post, I mean, not even 2 hours later, I was once again frustrated and dismayed. Maybe it's the enemy and maybe I'm listening a little to hard to his voice, but my emotions yesterday, much like everyday, went for a roller coaster ride. This morning I prayed for The Lord to lift that burden from me. To know that the situation is not dependent on how I'm feeling, but rather, who I'm thinking about. If I "do no harm and do good" as John Wesley instructed (I'm only on the 1st 2 practices), then I shouldn't be so easily irritated, right?

Well, not exactly, but my reaction to those things that set me off can be different. I also prayed for lessons (dangerous prayer coming up I think) in how to "parent in love" rather than "parent in anger." I got it! But my experiment has gone well thus far. Is it sustainable? I hope so. I'm counting on God to make my heart so that it IS so. I am tired of being tired and frustrated and I bet my kids and husband are too! This has worked. It's one of the ways The Lord healed my marriage was through my response to my husband. He took away my anger and things got a lot better. I'm trying to practice (and have been trying) the same thing with a 4 and 2 year old, but they just don't say sorry very often. Great kids, but they are still kids!

I also bought 2 books today from Proverbs 31--Love Letters from The King and Don't make me Count to 3. Both topics hit home right now, I just have to wait till August to get them from my Mom!

So, I'm trusting & obeying and keeping up my faith (and eyes) in the right place. If my view is higher than my emotions, I should be able to more than tread water, I should be able to walk on it--eventually! :) *Here's Hoping in Him*

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