Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Heart full of Thanksgiving

When something happens to you and you have Christ in your life--you can lean on that Rock of Ages without worry. He provides that for us. A question often been toyed around by me and a few close friends is trying to imagine when something terrible happens and you DON'T know Christ. What do you do? I'm on the brink of watching it unfold with another friend and you can better believe I'm pounding the gates of Heaven on their behalf. Awful things have happened, whom do you turn to for solace? You lift your eyes to the hills, where does your help come from?

I can confidently say, still The Lord. His prevenient grace fills all our lives, whether we have a personal relationship or not. He is in control of the Universe, after all, no matter what The Devil will have us believe. Evil is so pervasive, sometimes it feels like I can't breathe. That's when I turn to The One, who with just the thought of what He did for me, clears my head and any fear I have. The Lord of Hosts--what can be better than that? Knowing His army is ready to protect.

For this I praise Him. But I also ask for Him to come close to someone who doesn't know Him. I don't know which way He will but I know He will. Jesus said whatever you ask for in My Name, you shall receive. So, Lord, you know who I mean, they need you, please help them and help them in a big way.

Get close to Him on someones behalf today. It's a matter of life and death for them and it's a energy boost for your prayer life. And most of all, thank You Lord for your grace and mercy, I wouldn't be alive without it!

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