Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's get it started

So, I was laying in bed for the scant moment I had before the girls got up. I had a wonderful day of prayer and see prayers answered yesterday. Nothing huge, but God just kept showing His face to me. I decided to praise Him this morning instead of only ask for what I, my family and friends need to face their day.

With the song "I am God" by Kirk Franklin (feat. TobyMac) ringing in my head (and playing on my iTunes now), I decided to start a list of reasons to praise God, based on who He is. Not new, but since my Bible wasn't in front of me, I just started rattling it off. Here goes (and by no means an exhaustive list and not complete!) I hope to come back and add Scripture references to all of these (and more) later!

1. His Power
2. His Mercy
3. His Grace
4. His kindness
5. His Justice
6. His Protection
7. His Guidance
8. His Discipline
9. His Love
10. His creativeness
11. His faithfulness
12. His desire for us to know Him
13. His control
14. His desire for salvation for the whole world
15. His work on the Cross
16. His ministry
17. His Spirit
18. His Omniscience
19. His Pervasiveness
20. His Redemption
21. His Intercession
22. His Forgiveness
23. His Righteousness
24. His Humility
25. His Wonders in Earth and Heaven
26. His Word
27. His Majesty
28. His Hope
29. His Sacrifice
30. His Insight
31. His Reign
32. His Foresight
33. His Wisdom
34. His Conviction
35. His Future
36. His Kingdom
37. His Worthiness
38. His abundant life
39. His gifts to us
40. His genuineness
41. His revelation and illuminations still ongoing
42. His Peace
43. His Beauty
44. His Sense of Humor
45. His Leadership


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