Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!!

Here is a little poem, while unoriginal in theme, that I wrote to express the true meaning of Christmas. Enjoy!

Tis the season to be jolly!
But far beyond the noise, lights and holly,
Lies a truth available to all -
It's not under the tree, in the snow or at the mall.

When you look into the night sky -
Does your heart long for what is hard to find?
And the presents that you truly seek -
Lasting peace and joy - are they out of reach?

Two thousand years ago those presents came to be,
To you from His Highest Majesty.
Leave behind your stress disguised as holiday cheer
And take a moment with me to go back there.

Nine months before that Christmas day,
Gabriel caught Mary, a maid unaware.
A miracle to her brought this angel fair -
God's only son she, a virgin, was to bear.

Give birth she did after such a long trek,
Miles and miles across desert land for census sake.
Her new husband Joseph right there by her side,
Not knowing Creation's deepest magic lay hidden inside.

Just as the Prince of Peace came into this world,
The Heavenly Host their glory unfurl!
In Praise of Him they lit up the sky!
Those who witnessed never wondered why.

A little while later - baby tucked in Mary's arms,
They had unknown visitors to their temporary home - the barn.
Both Shepherds and Wisemen came to worship and bring gifts,
For only Jesus' honor they desired to lift.

Not the usual baby gifts they did bring,
You see what they brought had very special meaning.
Gold for the King of Kings, Incense for their everlasting Priest,
But also Myrrh for The Savior He came to be.

For Jesus came to die for all -
We only need to have faith and heed His call.
He rose again, that Easter morn -
To clear us from all we've done.

So as you lay out your milk and cookie,
Remember that this is no fairy story.
He really came and will come again -
Because He loves you from beginning to end!!

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