Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amy See, Amy Do.

This is the most simple formula I could boil down my Bible Study lesson in. I like short statements, they are easier to remember. In my Experiencing God study that I started this week - to me, this is the essence of Day 2.

The lesson centers around following Jesus, regardless of how little detail He makes initially. There were several examples of how Jesus called people (Peter, Andrew, James, John & Matthew in particular), where He more or less said "Follow me." That leads me to believe they already knew something about Him but also, He knew their hearts. He knew what The Spirit would bestow on them, but also that they would get to be with Him day and and day out.

But Jesus left us with three keys I've run across so far in this study, truths I know and need to re-apply in my life - especially right now as I am trying to do as He asked and rest, which is a direct response to being so burnout that I wrote about earlier in the week. (See "Sheet Day & Prayer Burnout")

1. In John 15:15, Jesus tells us to remain in Him because without Him, we are as useful as a hammer without someone to swing it.

2. In Matthew 6:33, Jesus tells us to seek Him first, His kingdom & His righteousness. I believe He meant not just our purpose in His plan but to be just like Him - and then He will fill in all the details.

3. In John 5:19, Jesus articulates that He can do nothing without The Father - He watches what His Father is doing, then He joins Him in the work.

So, for me, all 3 points boil down to Watch and Learn. See and Do. Look and Act. The looking comes before the acting, because then, I can know exactly where I should be joining God in His work. It is all about Him anyways.

I'll share with you my prayer at the end of my lesson - and please pray for me that I will not just see, but I will act too. (That's often my problem!)

(This is based on the flipside of Deuteronomy 29:4, as with The Holy Spirit, I do believe He has given us a "mind to understand, eyes to see and ears to hear." Again - it all comes from Him.)

Lord, give me eyes to see Your Hand & Plan at work. Give me ears to hear your voice calling me into action and give me a mind to understand Your will & commands - and obey it!

Where are you seeing The Lord at work in your life today? Is it easier to focus on that than the trials around you?

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