Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brand New Day

Sophia and I are watching our 2nd movie of the day. Dave is off to work, Natalie is at school. Today is the first day of our "new normal" where Sophia and I go through the day with the shroud of "treatment" over us.

It is not bad. It is not a death shroud, it is more of a covering, like we are secretly camping out - having meals delivered to us (ok to her), early morning runs for pop-tarts, crafts any time we want and, of course, buggy rides.

Our trip into this new normal was rough. Yesterday, we had to wait for the procedure (again), then they didn't have a room for us for 3 1/2 hours. Then the blood work results took more long hours to come back. We didn't start chemo till 10 pm, which meant more than 17 nurses visits throughout the night. Actually, 17 was when Dave lost count. Because we have to be here for 24 hours, we will be here an extra night (or go home at 12 am Friday morning). I think our decision to stay is a good one, not only for Dave, Natalie and I's exhaustion level, but also for observation since this is Sophia's first time around this block.

Our biggest problem today is that her chest hurts where the port was put in - it's sore so we are on Tylenol with codeine (which hopefully means a nap for us!) But it is manageable. She is overwhelming sweet and loving and covered in so much prayer that everyone around here is amazed at how well she is doing.

There may come a day that will change and we are learning lessons the hard way (maybe there is a book in here about this experience?), but we are so covered. Even in the darkest moments of fear, it only lasts for a moment and we persevere.

My friend, Gindi, sent me the lyrics to this old hymn, which I (fantastically) downloaded from iTunes. What a comfort! The words have been reverberating in my mind all through the night.

But I know whom I have believed,
and am persuaded that he is able
to keep that which I've committed
unto him against that day.

No great spiritual truth revealed this morning, just comfort and peace that we are on the right track. Sophia, and our family and friends, are on this adventure called Cancer, which will one day transition into a new one. In fact, she asked me this morning if she could have braces. So, maybe that is our next trip together. I'd like to think on that - past all this, past the hair loss, past the trips to the hospital.


The Lord is keeping her safe - I am persuaded beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is able to do all that He has promised and more. The Adventure has only begun!

P.S. T-shirts are in the works, will let you know when we have the design to the t-shirt maker!!


Gindi said...

Sweet friend, He IS able, how true that rings to us both. Praying for little Nats, and for you.

sharoni said...

Hi sweetie! From a professional standpoint, it is always a good idea to stay under observation with a first time chemo treatment....especially with the little ones. I know it's stressful & exhausting, but the security around you there is abundant.
Also, ask if it is possible for them to use a Lidocaine patch at the new port site. There may a contraindication I'm not aware of (I am far from knowledgable w/Peds), but if not, it may just do the trick to manage her pain without ya'll having to use the codeine so much.
Just a little tip from the nurse who loves you most!
Continuing the prayer vigil....