Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unmerited Favor

I'll make it quick because you have been waiting so long to hear what our treatment protocol looks like. And I will probably not be answering all your questions, so if you have more, leave a comment (with contact information) and I'll try and fill you in.

This morning I cracked my Bible, which I hadn't a few days. In my devotional (that I've written about) the verse to study was John 1:43-51. It is where Jesus calls Nathanial. I've always loved this, especially verse 50, because I can just picture Jesus, with a smile on His amused face, looking at Nathanial and saying "Really, you think you've seen a miracle? Just wait! Just wait to see what I will do!"

That was His exact message to me this morning. Just wait, Amy. You think Sophia's tumor being contained was a miracle, hold onto your socks, girl! You have yet to see Me flex My Muscles for you!

I do know that miracles don't come cheap. This will be a hard fought battle, but thankfully I am being backed by K'vod - that is God's presence, His authority, His power. I could not feel the way I do (most of the time) without Him moving through your prayers. As Dave said Saturday - we are not despairing, we have hope - and have it in abundance. Sophia could not be strengthened and such a trooper without The Lord working through Dave and I's faith in Him.

What we know:
1. Everything, blood, bone marrow, spinal fluid, all areas - are NORMAL! And because they are normal now, at this point there is no need to repeat them!! (Miracle) The tumor is officially declared contained, held safe in God's Hands, right behind her eye (miracle!)

2. Her cancer is very rare. They are checking pathology one more time to see if it can't be classified as rhabdomyosarcoma (still rare but has more data/cases - they know more about this than what they've diagnosed her with so far.) Won't change the treatment either way. She will be blazing a trail to help other kids (miracle!)

3. There are two courses of treatment, but we are going with the one that has more data behind it. It also has less long term risk to her organs, and none of her meds are associated with fever (miracle!)

4. Chemo, starting tomorrow (10/27/10), will be used to holistically kill any cancerous cells. Radiation, which will happen after the first evaluation (at 12 or 13 weeks) will be used to treat locally at the site of the tumor.

5. She will start losing her hair about 10 days after her first treatment. This one hurts a lot. Hair is a big deal and it is really upsetting me because I didn't know it happens so soon. I know it will grow back, but I'm in tears just thinking of her gorgeous toe-head locks on the pillow. I know it will upset her too, although I've told her - it won't be real till it does fall out. Natalie is upset too because "she will look like all those kids at the hospital I cut my hair off for." So, she is going to grow her hair out for locks of love - again! (miracle!)

Our last chemo is at week 40 in the process (this is week 1), assuming she gets no fever, infections or low blood counts (which she probably will). We will be doing in-patient chemo every 1st and 4th week of the month (getting 3 types of chemo) and on weeks 2 & 3, just out-patient in the clinic at TCH (getting only 1).

We are digging in and keeping our eyes open for more and more of His Unmerited Favor. Through you. Through our medical team. Through the supernatural. It will come. She will be healed, in Jesus' Name!


JANICE & JAMES said...

Praise His matchless Name....that precious name above all names!!! At the Name of Jesus, Satan is a defeated foe!!

In God's Unfailing Love,

janice and james

Anonymous said...

Goosebumps! He is an AWESOME God, I like it when he shows off :) Wrap everyone (including you) in big hugs GO TEAM SOPHIA!!

Anonymous said...

you continue in our thoughts and prayers. many of my friends shaved their heads last month in solidarity with kids who lose their hair due ti treatment ... it also was to raise money for research for cancer in kids. (St Baldric).


Barbara Conklin said...

Dear Amy & Team Sophia,
You are keeping your eyes on Jesus and your testimony is like incense in the Heavens! Thank you for your faithfulness! We will keep doing our job and praying for you all like crazy!!!

Kristine said...


I would like to make a hat for Sophia. I'll even do my best to get it to you before she starts to lose her hair. If that's ok you can either go to my etsy shop @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/ambassadorcrochet and tell me what hat you think she'll like. Or just let me know her favorite color and I'll make her something. I'd also love to spread the word to my other crochet friends - if it's ok with you. I know it's not much but I'd love to bless her.

If you want to contact me privately my email is ambassadorcrochet@gmail.com

Sarah Fernandez (Julie Fernandez's daughter) said...

Praying for you and your family. Tell Sophia that she's my hero.

Shawn Palmer said...

I can't help but be amazed that her treatment length is 40 weeks. 40!! It is God's number of fulfillment, of His completion. It is repeated throughout scripture, whether 40 days, 40 weeks, 40 years. It always ends with God's faithfulness to His people!

God Bless!