Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesdays of Wonder - Hearing the Voice of God

Today's #WOW moment is brought to you by my father.  Yes, my Heavenly Father, but also my earthly father.  He is a great Dad. I've written about him a lot because when you witness the transformation when your Dad chases hard after God, it doesn't fail to inspire you to do the same.  My Dad's walk with Christ has many twists and turns, but I think, if I can speak for him, he would definitely say it's been up to God's faithfulness, not his own.

I relate to that.

I've mentioned this before but it's worth re-telling: my Dad has heard the audible voice of God. I'm not talking about "hearing from God," those impressions you get, a sudden down-load of knowledge that you know isn't from you.  

I usually get those reading the Bible or in fellowship with other believers.  I get moments of clarity hearing a particularly profound message.  In my humble opinion, you know you've received some divine wisdom when it meets 3 criteria: (a) it lines up with God's Word, (b) it is relevant to your circumstances and (c) is probably uncomfortable.

But hearing the audible voice of God isn't the usual way we "hear" from Him.  It's even pretty unusual in Scripture.  There are certain people that "hear it" more often - say the Prophets.  But normally, for us anyway, His Written Word is the biggest source of His Voice.  The Word made Flesh and then documented by pen and paper.  

My point is - hearing God speak to you, out-loud, isn't the norm.  Not saying it doesn't happen, I've had it happen to me - once.  But my Dad must have some open channel, something in him that is so receptive; his ears tuned to a different frequency because he's heard God THREE TIMES.

The first time, my Dad was on the side of the road, changing a flat tire.  He heard a voice tell him, It's going to be ok.

The second time was similar - another message of assurance, with similar wording.  This third time is extremely close to my heart.  This word came 15 months ago, during an especially trying time in my life.  (The original post can be found here):

Two weeks before the girls and I (at 9 months pregnant) came to the States to get our visas of stay for living in Italy; my Dad was in bed, about to fall asleep.  He heard a female voice say, "I'm coming home."  (The other 2 times have been a male voice, so this was definitely "different.")

Initially, he thought it was his mother telling him HE was the one going home - literally to Heaven, so he needed to settle his affairs!  But over the next couple of weeks, he worked it out.  The message was one (again of comfort) about Ella being born in the States.  He heard the message 6 weeks prior to her birth but he knew she would be ok; even though my youngest was born with lungs not quite ready to breathe air.

She spent 8 days in the NICU at Texas Women's and is today, more than vibrant.  It might have been a different story had she been born in Italy, and while I know the Lord could have healed her there as He did here, it would have been much more difficult for us to bear as a family.  

Once my Dad heard that voice, all of his worry over us was wiped away.  When I asked my Dad if I could share that story, this is what he said, 

HE IS There and WILL HEAR YOU, sometimes even letting you know He is working, most times with His more important agenda.

Not every one of us will hear directly from our Abba Father, as much as we might wish and want to.  But if this story teaches me anything, it is that it is possible for God to speak directly to you.  We don't choose the method or medium because He is not a God Who will be boxed in, labeled or limited.  He is a God of infinite reach, infinite comfort and unending love for His children.  A Father's heart is always pointed in the direction of his kids, no matter where they are or what they are doing. 

I hope you hear the whisper of His Spirit in and around you today.  Listen close.

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