Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sophia's Story Continues - God is Good All the Time

He is faithful to do what He promises.

It's been a whirlwind morning.  Many of you have seen my updates on Facebook and know the incredible news:  Sophia's "spot" (or scar from where the tumor was) is getting smaller.

And she only has a 2-3 more MRIs to go before she is done with that too!

We have 15 months left before the part of her protocol which is basically just watching her grow.  She'll need blood drawn occasionally, just to track her development (from the inside).  But other than that, this really will be behind her (us).  Our faith in her total healing will be made real.

As I sat here and ate my lunch, I wavered about doing a post.  I scrolled through Facebook to see what is going on in other people's lives.  But I just keep coming back to this....this wonderful news.  I expected it. I wanted it. I prayed for it. I believed God is Someone who does what He promises.

And He did.

Nothing is more important than this.  Nothing is more meaningful than this: God is good ALL THE TIME.

I know there other things happening in the world.  I know there maybe things that are just as major happening to you right now.  You have needs that must be met.  You have struggles and trials and frustrations that need a place to go.  And my heart just keeps screaming out, "He is that place!  Christ is that place!"

Oh, friends.  Would you stop for a moment to just sit in stillness with this one thought in your uplifted, open hands: If you can make a miracle out of Sophia, Lord, you can also make a miracle out of me.

I don't know what will happen when you do that.  As often as I've tried to be, I'm not God, so I can't let you in on how, what or when He does what He does. But I can tell you: if you've been running; or doubting; or wounded; or angry; or desperate; or depressed; or even none of these things at all...God has what you need.

The Lord, Adonai, in the Person of Jesus Christ, IS what you need.

I understand Jesus is the hardest one to get.  

But being in a relationship with Him is what helps this life make sense.  And at the very least, He helps you make sense out of yourself.  He helps you endure your circumstances.  He helps heal you and put you back together because really, we are all some version of Humpty Dumpty.

I'm more than grateful to say Sophia is healthy and whole.  Words cannot express my gratitude.  In fact, I've often wondered what kind of offering I could make to God that would even remotely show my appreciation for His kindness (which is undeserved in so many ways.)

I guess this post is part of that offering.

The last few days, and especially today, have been a test of the freedom given to me Friday when I was released from caregiver back into mother (read about that here.)  It's what I needed and it is what she needed to get farther and farther away from what happened to her in the past; so she can get closer and closer to the beautiful future God is working out.

We still need prayer.  Her left eyebrow and eyelashes need to be fuller.  Any effect of the radiation or chemotherapy on the bone around her left eye, frontal lobe and endocrine system needs to be wiped away along with the little scar that keeps getting smaller.  Every side or long-term effect needs to go away.

But all in all, I know we've passed through the fire.  We've crossed the Jordan and will continue to take the Promised Land one battle a day; depending on our Gracious Warrior-Lord fighting for us.

I'll say it one last time (today).  Whatever your need, no matter how big or small, God is able.  He is creative.  He provides.  Trust in Him to deliver on His terms and in His own time.  Just look at Sophia's face (taken at a birthday party on this past Saturday).  Understand if He has done it for us, He will do it for you.

I don't know when.  Or How.  But He will do it.

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